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June 14, 22
Why is dental care so important for our pets?

One of the most common conditions I see in dogs and cats is dental disease. Sadly, many pet owners don’t

June 14, 22
Pets Deserve Pain Medication Too!

From Dr. Langlais’ column in The RecordNovember 20, 2007 Mrs. Brown, who owns a cat named Hurley, thinks I’m an

June 14, 22
How to force feed an anorexic cat, if your veterinarian has recommended this

Cats sometimes present to vets for anorexia. In other words, they refuse to eat because they don’t have an appetite.

June 14, 22
Arthritis in pets: the causes and treatment of this ailment.

Arthritis means inflammation of joints. There are many causes of arthritis in pets. It is usually seen in senior pets.

June 14, 22
Why we refer to the Emergency Clinic on Maple Grove Road

We’ve been referring our after hours cases and emergencies to the Emergency Clinic on Maple Grove Road ever since we

June 14, 22
Stand and Stay, a great skill for your dog to master.

Teaching your dog how to Stand And Stay is a great way to make vet exams and dog baths go

June 14, 22
Is your dog terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms? We can help!

Warmer weather is finally here and soon it will be officially summer. Summer means three things; fireworks, thunderstorms and dogs

June 14, 22
Some tips to make vet visits easier for your cat

It’s best to transport your cat in a cat carrier. Each cat should have it’s own carrier; in other words,

June 14, 22
Only 1/3 of owned cats get Preventative Health Care. That’s sad because:

80% of owners assume their cats are not only self-sufficient, but in excellent health.And, 33% of owners only take their